Find The Time For A New Business Adventure

New business adventures are exciting.  The early stages of the idea and the grand plan to put it all together can be the most fun stages of the whole process.  One of the biggest challenges you might face is finding the time to do this.  There are a number of people who might dive in full force.  They quit their jobs and devote every second of the time that they have to their business plan.  Others are not so fortunate and might have to stay employed for another company while they test the waters with their new business idea.

If you are continuing to work your normal job while starting the business, you want to make sure you are dedicating a certain amount of time every day to keep your motivation up.  We go into these ideas with a clear picture of what we want to happen and if we are really in love with the idea we have a great energy force pushing us to continue towards these goals.

Creating a business can be hard considering it’s a very competitive world out there.  You have to give time to your business and yourself in order to see real results.  I have learned this first hand and have seen how easy it is to push it to the side when you are just absolutely exhausted.  Here are a few important ways to make time for your start-up.

  • Get up earlier or stay up later.  I’m a morning person so getting up earlier is what is right for me.  I have a major boost in the morning and feel it is when I am most creative.  For those of you night owls, try and stay up a little later when the house is quiet and you have that time to dedicate to your goals.  I can’t stress this enough, even if you are totally exhausted you want to put in at least an hours effort to building your business.
  • Motivation videos are a major confidence booster.  Okay, so many of you might find this to be corny (did I just use that word?) but seriously, if you don’t have a lot of self-motivation or that special someone that is going to get up and push you every day then a quick motivational video on the way to the store or work isn’t going to kill you.  I like Napoleon Hill who is also the author of “Think and Grow Rich.”  This is also a great read if you have the time.
  • Find ways to cut time in other areas of your life so you can devote more time to your business.  If you work an eight-plus hour a day job and then you have to come home and cook dinner for another hour it is likely you will not have much time to give to your goals.  I have been able to save time by purchasing a pressure cooker.  I spend less time over the stove and more time doing what I really need to do.  This is just one example there are many more ways you can prioritize and save time.


Finding time for your grand idea should always be a high priority.  If you are passionate about what you are trying to achieve then finding time won’t be such a hard task.  Always remember that starting a business takes time.  It doesn’t ever happen overnight and you don’t want it to.  You need time to take the necessary steps to have a successful business. I’m in the process of my next business adventure and I’m really trying to enjoy these early stages.  Be mindful of what you tell yourself and don’t lose that burning desire to complete that goal.  If there is anyone in this world who is going to stop you from doing what you set out to do, it is yourself.  Stay motivated and remember that you are amazing and unique.


The Power Of Creativity


Have you ever woke up in the morning with this insanely great idea to do something amazing and then slowly let it disappear as you let the day to day requirements creep in?  Creativity is often lost in the day to day autopilot programming that we live in.  We get up in the morning with the intent to do everything that we did the day before and most often we spend the day thinking about what we’re doing tomorrow or the next day.  Training your brain to be present and stay there is the most valuable practice anyone can do.

There have been so many times I have driven myself long distances only to realize I couldn’t remember how I had got there.  Living autopilot isn’t the life I want to remember telling my great grandchildren about.  Every morning brings new possibilities.  Opportunity is always surrounding us, we just have to be awake enough to see them and take hold of them.  I’m a huge fan of new ideas and creating new habits so with that in mind, I have decided to challenge myself and you of course.  Follow along with me in practicing these simple (seriously simple) techniques to awaken your creativity.  Daily practice is essential so if you plan to see any kind of results, don’t plan on being a slacker.

  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier than you already do.  You can use this time to lie in bed and think about all the things you want to achieve.  Focus on the things that are most important to you.  I find creativity speaks loudest in those early morning hours of the morning.

  • Practice positive self talk.  I have to admit this might be the toughest one.  If anyone is the meanest to “me”, it is myself.  I am guilty of consistently telling myself I can’t do it, what if they don’t like me, I’m not good enough.  There is no need for all this pressure. Be kind to yourself.

  • Stop worrying about how you are going to do it.  Make a plan, decide it’s what you want, and go for it.  Details will fall into place.  If you’re passionate about something then fight hard to make it happen.  Too often I stop myself from achieving my own goals.  Only I can change my circumstances.

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~Always remember that you have a quality in you that no one else has.  You can do all things through faith and persistence.~

What are some ways you spark creativity?



Fail With Confidence

Every year myself, as well as many other individuals, strive to change certain aspects of our life’s.  We may try to wake up a little earlier or eat a little different.  Whatever it is we are reaching for something to make a difference.  Some of you may not know where or how to make the changes necessary to be helpful.  Most of the time we lose inspiration or simply give in to our normal routines.  Have you ever asked yourself why you give in so easily?  We can change the way we do things and we do have the ability to keep going.  What if we pushed past that urge to give up and continued to build on the foundations that we have begun?  January isn’t the only month of the year to start a resolution.  Resolutions can be made at any moment or on any day.  We can change all aspects of our life whether it be relationships, careers, money habits, anything!

Rumor has it that January 21st of every year could be the most depressing day of the year.  How is it that some of us can enjoy so much of the holidays and our families and of course that amazing food and then the first of the year rolls around and we have a burst of energy to change the world and then weeks later we fall flat on our faces?  Is it that people are programmed to dream big and then the world tells them their dreaming to big?  Stop letting the world tell you how to move forward.  If you want to make changes and keep them here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t be afraid to fail: Failing is how we learn, it is the most necessary thing to grow.  I fail every day in many aspects and yet I refuse to stop trying.  Fail with confidence.

  • Be consistent:  If you forget to be consistent then wake up the next day and try again.  Consistency will stick at some point and you will learn the habit.

  • Live to serve:  This is a recent concept that I have learned.  There is nothing in this world that we can take with us when our lives have ended.  The most meaningful and powerful feeling can be achieved from giving to and serving others.

  • Forgive:  This one can be really hard but it can also be really easy.  Let go of what you know others have done to hurt you, or what they have said about you.  Having the ability to forgive others is having the power to be the bigger person.

  • Be amazing:  In everything you do, do it with a pep in your step.  The day may crash around you but at least you tried to make it as amazing as possible. Whether there is a tomorrow or not, you will be remembered for your attitude and for the way you treated people.

Always remember that we are all striving for something.  There is so much commonality between people that we could use it to make a difference.  Your accomplishments are my accomplishments.  Love the most unlovable people and you will see a change in them.  Most importantly you will see a change in yourself.

Please follow along on our next 365 days of being amazing!

Do you have a powerful story of a time when you gave up many times only to try again and succeed?  Please share in the comments below.  Let’s inspire people!

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A New Year, A New Me


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It’s a new year and everyone is rushing to change their ways.  One of the most popular New Year resolutions categories would fall under health and diet.  “A new year, a new me!” At least this is what we tell ourselves.  It’s way too easy to fall off the health bandwagon, take it from me.  I have tried the amazing diet “KETO” at least 4 times in the last three months (Don’t Judge!).  100% healthy clean eating isn’t exactly the easiest thing to achieve when you are surrounded by all of those amazing holiday goodies.  The one great thing about a New Year is that we can push reset on all of our old habits and hopefully achieve new and better habits.  So for anyone wanting to dive into the Keto diet or any other clean eating diet here are a few things to consider.

  • Don’t throw away all of your current goodies you have stocked up in the cabinet.  This is self-sabotage.  You have to train your brain to have self-control.  Throwing away tempting foods will only make you crave them more!  My opinion slowly replaces the bad with the good.  This will help your pocket as well!

  • Eggs & avocados can be your best friend (specifically on Keto)!  There will be plenty of days when you feel like your stomach is eating itself and not only that, most people don’t have time to be in the kitchen making delicious snacks and meals all day.  I try to have hard-boiled eggs in the fridge ready to go.  It’s a great “go to” when you’re in a hurry!

  • Most importantly, don’t be so hard on yourself!  If someone offers you a taste of something that looks and smells amazing, just take the bite!  Balance is key in any diet.  You shouldn’t completely deprive yourself of what you desire or you might find yourself falling off that wagon and never returning.  The best thing any of us can do for ourselves is to form a habit of healthy choices and forgive ourselves during the learning process.

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What’s Your Secret For Improving Health?



What Makes You An Entrepreneur?


This is a question for all of my entrepreneur friends out there!  You obviously know that you are different from the rest.  What is it that sets you apart from the norm?  For me, I just can’t wait to get out there and fully live life.  Sitting in an office all day isn’t exactly my cup of tea.  Please do fill me in!


Follow along as I embark on 365 days of being AMAZING!

Stay Motivated



Every year we start thinking about the changes we want to make in our life.  We get a pen and paper out, we make resolutions, and we are at our highest point of motivation.  I would love to say it is easy to stay at that highest point but I am guilty of slowly tapering off what was once a really good idea.  A little inspiration goes a long way!  Find what motivates you and keep doing that.  I find motivation in quotes, other inspirational writers, and daily journals.


  1.  Get up early – Have you ever heard “The early bird gets the worm.”  You can’t expect to sleep half the day and see amazing things happen.  Get up and get moving.
  2. Say yes – Yes it is important to say no but you also have to learn to say yes.  If friends want to start working out with you say yes or if you are invited to a party you should definitely say yes.  By getting out more you are opening yourself up to all kinds of opportunities.
  3. Eat more of those greens – More veggies and fewer carbs equal higher amounts of energy.  Recently I tried “The Makers Diet.”  It was a group thing and the first few days really sucked but then I started feeling amazing things happen.  I had more energy and even after I have finished I’m still continuing to make healthier choices.
  4. Take trips – I’m a huge fan of Spontaneous Adventure.  Don’t be afraid to explore your surroundings!  Make time to get out and experience new memories, you won’t be disappointed!
  5. Make a bucket list – Check out my post on why you should make a bucket list.  Bucket list keeps you motivated to accomplish those goals.  We need reminders to stay inspired.  It’s okay to have a yearly bucket list.
  6. Unfollow people who bring you down   We all have those friends that like to make us feel like we are below them.  There are already not enough minutes in a day.  Get rid of the people in your life that make you feel bad about yourself.
  7. Paint a wall – This is really therapeutic!  Sometimes we just need a change in color in our surroundings.  Go to Home Depot and pick out a color that makes you feel happy. Put some music on and paint away.  It’s a good way to get in touch with your artistic side.
  8. Make a space for you – This is important.  My space is a certain area on my couch.  I have my little table next to me for a coffee and my blankets.  If you want to be motivated you need to find a cozy spot to get in the zone.
  9. Daily Affirmations – Check out my post on Growing With Daily Affirmations for some inspiration.  You need to celebrate who you are and the only way to do that is to believe in yourself.  Daily affirmations can be a great way to give yourself positive feedback.
  10. Dream big – Don’t be afraid to dream big!  What is it that you want to change in your life?  This year I want to redesign my kitchen, take a trip to London, and start a new entrepreneur adventure.  It might sound ridiculous but who cares.  Shoot for the stars!

There you have it 10 ideas to get you motivated and to keep you on track for this amazing year.  Don’t forget to follow along for 365 Days Of Being Amazing!  January proved to be a fantastic month.  I can’t wait to see what February has in store.  Thanks for all of the FOLLOWS!

Need inspiration for new followers?  Check out my post on Finding Community.

Why You Should Have A Bucket List

When was the last time you updated your bucket list or might I ask do you even have a bucket list?  Bucket list are important to practice as they are documents of things you are passionate about.  You shouldn’t think of a bucket list as something you should do before you kick the bucket.  I know that’s what they are intended to mean but why do they have to be?  Bucket list should only be a symbol of your dreams and desires.  If we want our dreams to come true we have to be the ones in charge of making it happen.  I know that if I want to fly away in an air balloon it’s only going to become reality if I put forth the small actions to make it happen.


It is the small steps that lead us in the directions that we want to go.  I’m planning a trip out of the country this year.  I know that in order to get to that day where I sit down into my flight seat I will need to take the necessary steps to make it happen.  Make your list and chose the most doable thing on it.  You know your limitations so it’s always good to be reasonable.  Once you make a decision you then can take the next step in getting closer to what it is that you most want to do.  Just think of every step as being a step closer to the goal.



It is easy to get caught up in the moment of all of the things you want to accomplish.  I know this because I am the pro at getting caught up in the moment!  Take the time to make a list of all of the things that you have ever wanted to accomplish.  This list will change over the years and that’s a good thing.  There was a time where I wanted to jump out of an airplane of which I have no desire to do any such thing anymore.  I like that my list has changed and I like that I can add new things to it as I grow older.


This is the most important.  You must choose to live in every moment with pure intention. Intend to make a list and intend to take the steps to make it happen.  By living with intention you are taking control of your life.  Your bucket list doesn’t have to be a lavish trip to Australia.  You could intend to get stronger in faith or to grow healthier relationships.  Whatever it may be, allow yourself to move forward.

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What’s on your bucket list?  Please comment below!