My Mission

Creating a mission in life can be much more complicated than you would think.  I believe in order to have a mission you must first know who you are and what makes you happy.  I am just an ordinary person with an ordinary family living in an ordinary town.  I am married and have three children, two Golden Retrievers, a fat cat and I’m all about a healthy lifestyle (not that I always follow one).   Aside from being ordinary, I love photography, editing,  and I love creating new things.  I’m passionate about creating valued things and ideas that people need or enjoy.  I believe everyone should be a business owner and work for themselves.  If you aren’t doing what you love, then you can’t live to your full potential.  True happiness is found only when you are rich in the things that fill your cup.  I’m glad you checked in to learn a little about me and what my mission in life is.  Please check out my post and DO leave a comment.  I love to engage.