Dare To Change

Each year we start with 365 days of having the opportunity to be amazing.

If you are given 365 days in a year to make choices that will help your future self then why is it that the majority of the population doesn’t take advantage of it.  It is very easy to get trapped in the normal day to day jive of being average.  Get up, get the kids off (if you have kids), go to work, come home, eat, go to bed and do it all over again the next day.  You get stuck in a cycle of average comfort and once your there it is easy to stay there.

The easiest way to create change is by recognizing over and over what it is that is causing you to fall back into your old habits.  We can’t expect our future to be different than our present if we keep making the same mistakes we have made time and time again.


  1. Make a list of changes you would like to see in the coming year.
  2. Start a new regimen.  If it doesn’t work out, start another one until it does work out.
  3. Make a list of triggers for bad habits.  Learn to recognize and prevent these triggers.
  4. Look around your home and get rid of something every week.  Rid your home of unused items.  No clutter equals more time for you.
  5. Be a beacon of inspiration to others.  Your ability to help others change will keep you motivated to stay on track in your own life.
  6. Make healthy choices.  Healthy choices are not exactly the most fun kind of choices but ultimately you will feel more energized.
  7. Avoid negative people.  I am in contact with negative people daily however, I chose to keep our contact to a minimum.
  8. Learn something new every day.  There is an amazing amount of things that can be self-taught.  Get curious and get to searching.
  9. Stay on track.  Don’t let discouragement creep in and keep you from changing your life.  Take a day or even a week if you need down time and then get to it and start again.
  10. Be a producer of things and not a consumer of things.

You can break the cycle and change how you spend your 365 days.  I think the most powerful lesson to take away is that you are only going to change your situation if you become the creator of it.



Here are a few examples of things you can become a consumer of:

Social Media Accounts – How many hours are you spending scrolling through the feeds of everyone you follow.  Be the creator of content and not just the consumer.

Shopping – Most of the time we go to the store for one thing and come home with 10 different things that were not on our list.  Stop consuming things that will end up in the landfill in the next few months.

Get rich quick schemes – These are a waste of time.  Stop scrolling through websites about getting rich fast.  Most people who make thousands a month from their computer desk did it by creating content that was of value to others.  Be a producer of valuable content.

The list can go on for eternity.  By nature we are consumers.  It’s okay to be a consumer of things that are valuable to your personal growth.  Be cautious about where you allow your time to go.




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