Have you been looking for a way to freshen those closets?  Strong laundry soaps are the common way to make the house smell good but is it really good for your health?  I will let you be the judge of that!  When it comes to my clothes I prefer a more natural way of doing things.  Clothes are just the start, I also like to use my DIY Freshener to make the house smell AMAZING!

You can make a whole variety of different scents depending on which essential oil you prefer.  If you are not savvy to the amazing world of essential oils, I will fill you in on some of my favorites.

Essential oils have been used for decades to not only improve health but also to provide aroma.  Many different kinds of essential oils are used to make some of your favorite perfumes.  Lavender is one of my favorites and I use it for most of my DIY cleaning.  It is also known for it’s relaxing and calming benefits.  Some even use it at night to help them sleep.  Cinnamon bark and lemongrass are also very inviting in the home. If you are a young living fan than don’t miss out on Thieves essential oil.  It smells a little like cinnamon and is said to have sickness fighting properties but again I will let you be the judge.

When using essential oils to make your DIY Laundry Soap or DIY fresheners you will want to have a glass container to hold them.  Citrus essential oils can cause plastics to leach into your soaps and sprays.  I like to buy the amber glass spray bottles because they look great on counters and are fairly cheap on Amazon.



That’s it!  It really is that simple and it’s SUPPOSED to be.  You don’t want all of those nasty chemicals you can’t even pronounce lingering around your home.  I like to use this spray in my closets, on my clothes bins, and even on my curtains and bedding.  You save a lot of money not buying commercial fresheners & cleaners.  I don’t know about you but I like to save money and be natural at the same time!

P.s.  Make sure your not allergic to any of the essential oils you chose and always find a test spot for any oil.

Happy Spraying





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