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Every year we start thinking about the changes we want to make in our life.  We get a pen and paper out, we make resolutions, and we are at our highest point of motivation.  I would love to say it is easy to stay at that highest point but I am guilty of slowly tapering off what was once a really good idea.  A little inspiration goes a long way!  Find what motivates you and keep doing that.  I find motivation in quotes, other inspirational writers, and daily journals.


  1.  Get up early – Have you ever heard “The early bird gets the worm.”  You can’t expect to sleep half the day and see amazing things happen.  Get up and get moving.
  2. Say yes – Yes it is important to say no but you also have to learn to say yes.  If friends want to start working out with you say yes or if you are invited to a party you should definitely say yes.  By getting out more you are opening yourself up to all kinds of opportunities.
  3. Eat more of those greens – More veggies and fewer carbs equal higher amounts of energy.  Recently I tried “The Makers Diet.”  It was a group thing and the first few days really sucked but then I started feeling amazing things happen.  I had more energy and even after I have finished I’m still continuing to make healthier choices.
  4. Take trips – I’m a huge fan of Spontaneous Adventure.  Don’t be afraid to explore your surroundings!  Make time to get out and experience new memories, you won’t be disappointed!
  5. Make a bucket list – Check out my post on why you should make a bucket list.  Bucket list keeps you motivated to accomplish those goals.  We need reminders to stay inspired.  It’s okay to have a yearly bucket list.
  6. Unfollow people who bring you down   We all have those friends that like to make us feel like we are below them.  There are already not enough minutes in a day.  Get rid of the people in your life that make you feel bad about yourself.
  7. Paint a wall – This is really therapeutic!  Sometimes we just need a change in color in our surroundings.  Go to Home Depot and pick out a color that makes you feel happy. Put some music on and paint away.  It’s a good way to get in touch with your artistic side.
  8. Make a space for you – This is important.  My space is a certain area on my couch.  I have my little table next to me for a coffee and my blankets.  If you want to be motivated you need to find a cozy spot to get in the zone.
  9. Daily Affirmations – Check out my post on Growing With Daily Affirmations for some inspiration.  You need to celebrate who you are and the only way to do that is to believe in yourself.  Daily affirmations can be a great way to give yourself positive feedback.
  10. Dream big – Don’t be afraid to dream big!  What is it that you want to change in your life?  This year I want to redesign my kitchen, take a trip to London, and start a new entrepreneur adventure.  It might sound ridiculous but who cares.  Shoot for the stars!

There you have it 10 ideas to get you motivated and to keep you on track for this amazing year.  Don’t forget to follow along for 365 Days Of Being Amazing!  January proved to be a fantastic month.  I can’t wait to see what February has in store.  Thanks for all of the FOLLOWS!

Need inspiration for new followers?  Check out my post on Finding Community.

5 thoughts on “Stay Motivated”

  1. I love the uniqueness of these ideas! Unfollowing certain people was something I’ve begun doing recently and it has made a tremendous difference! Really enjoyed reading this! Now if only I can force myself to ACTUALLY get up earlier ha ha!

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  2. Please check out-one day sun will bow down before you.. Wrote this today.. Would love to hear from you if any improvements required 😊

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