Why You Should Have A Bucket List

When was the last time you updated your bucket list or might I ask do you even have a bucket list?  Bucket list are important to practice as they are documents of things you are passionate about.  You shouldn’t think of a bucket list as something you should do before you kick the bucket.  I know that’s what they are intended to mean but why do they have to be?  Bucket list should only be a symbol of your dreams and desires.  If we want our dreams to come true we have to be the ones in charge of making it happen.  I know that if I want to fly away in an air balloon it’s only going to become reality if I put forth the small actions to make it happen.


It is the small steps that lead us in the directions that we want to go.  I’m planning a trip out of the country this year.  I know that in order to get to that day where I sit down into my flight seat I will need to take the necessary steps to make it happen.  Make your list and chose the most doable thing on it.  You know your limitations so it’s always good to be reasonable.  Once you make a decision you then can take the next step in getting closer to what it is that you most want to do.  Just think of every step as being a step closer to the goal.



It is easy to get caught up in the moment of all of the things you want to accomplish.  I know this because I am the pro at getting caught up in the moment!  Take the time to make a list of all of the things that you have ever wanted to accomplish.  This list will change over the years and that’s a good thing.  There was a time where I wanted to jump out of an airplane of which I have no desire to do any such thing anymore.  I like that my list has changed and I like that I can add new things to it as I grow older.


This is the most important.  You must choose to live in every moment with pure intention. Intend to make a list and intend to take the steps to make it happen.  By living with intention you are taking control of your life.  Your bucket list doesn’t have to be a lavish trip to Australia.  You could intend to get stronger in faith or to grow healthier relationships.  Whatever it may be, allow yourself to move forward.

Follow along as I embark on 365 days of being amazing!

What’s on your bucket list?  Please comment below!


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