5 Things You Don’t Want To Forget On A Flight

Leaving On A Jet Plane

It is easy to get caught up in the day to day hustle and bustle of life.  We need not to forget about the important things like travel.  I love the feeling of packing my bags and going to the airport.  I imagine it is because I have children and a vacation away always sounds pretty awesome.  Checking the bags, ordering a drink, and away we go.  It’s all fine and dandy until your in the air and completely bored out of your mind or uncomfortable.  I have been both.  I’ve learned that there are must haves for those long flights.

So you are half way to your long awaited vacation and realize that you are missing important items to keep you busy during a flight.  This is not how you want to start any vacation.  That is why I strongly recommend making a list ( you can find a good selection of printable’s on Pinterest) and checking things off before you get in the car.

 Top 5 Things To Keep You From Being Bare In The Air

  1.  Travel Pillow – Flights can get really uncomfortable especially if your crammed in-between strangers.  A travel pillow is a huge lifesaver.  I took my whole trip to Maui Hawaii without one and I was not a happy camper.
  2. Ipad – Ipads come in handy when your looking for entertainment in the air.  Make sure to download movies and games before you leave home.
  3. Travel Plans – Bringing along your travel plans, brochures, and information print outs are a good way to pass time and have a clear idea of what your doing next.  There is nothing worse than going on a trip and not having a plan of action of what your doing.  I love spontaneity however you can waste a lot of time trying to figure it out when your supposed to be enjoying it.
  4. Journal – Journaling is a great way to document everything you are experiencing.  You can add details later when you are posting all of the pictures from your fabulous trip.
  5. Blanket – I think it’s best to bring your own cozy blanket.  Something small and packable is smart.  You never know when your going to need it.  Flights get delayed and airports get cold.

What are some things you like to bring on a long flight?  Do you find it changes drastically with each destination?  


Please follow along as I embark on 365 days of being amazing.


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