Spontaneous Adventure

When is the last time you took a spontaneous weekend trip?  If it has been more than a year then you must stop what your doing and make the time.

My husband and I are pretty polar opposite.  We like different music, different kinds of people, hell even different movies and t.v. shows.  He’s more action packed and I’m more inspirational drama. I don’t mind having these differences and I do believe opposites attract thus is why we have been together for over 15 years.  There is one thing that we have always shared a love for and that is travel!  Were both spontaneous and most of our adventure has been last minute throw your bag in the car and go kind of  travel.  Regardless of where you are going you will need to go through a list of questions to make it a smooth venture.

I imagine it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of what you are about to embark on but there are a number of things you will want to take into consideration before you leave the house.

I’m talking simple trips of course!  Some of our simple trips have been pretty local which make it easier to get ready on a last minute basis.  Since we are from California most of our local trips are in surrounding areas such as San Francisco, Santa Cruz, L.A.  and Northern California towns like Trinidad, Yreka, and Crescent City.


  • Where will you stay and is there in door swimming?

  • Where will you dine?

  • What entertainment is available?

  • What should you pack?

  • What is the weather like? Is it cooler at night, rainy, hot?

Just When You Thought You Had Everything

You don’t want to get a few hours into your trip and remember that you left your jacket hanging in the closet.  Of course you can always stop at a local retail store and buy one that is if your not driving straight into the mountains, but who want’s to spend the extra money.  Trips can get pricey as it is so it is a good idea to make list and ask yourself the important questions before you go.  Get in the habit of keeping a list of these questions lying around for those spontaneous trips to adventure land.

Review Review Review

I’m a huge fan of review sites anytime I am planning a trip.  Review sites are a fantastic way to get honest answers from other traveler experiences.  I personally like TripAdvisor because they give a list of highest rated places to visit in the city you are traveling to.

One of our favorite places to visit locally is San Francisco.  We usually type in google search best places to… this is how we found a restaurant on Pier 47 called Scomas.  This restaurant is set back along the pier where you might not see it unless you know it’s there.  It was a delightful dining experience and I was excited to find out that they use some organic ingredients (I’m a fan of eating as much organic as possible)!  Anyway, their food is amazing and fresh!

Check out my salad! beet

I also like to contribute feedback to travel sites so that people like yourself who are looking for real honest answers can trust they are getting the right information. You don’t want to visit a hotel that isn’t particularly geared towards young families with children and likewise you don’t want to visit a super family/child friendly hotel if you are looking for a quiet more peaceful romantic getaway.  There are a variety of sites that provide reviews for all kinds of hotels and local entertainment for those romantic getaways and or trips with the kiddos.  If your an adventurer like us,  you will want to keep these things in mind.

~The greatest memories are made from the spontaneous decisions to go somewhere and experience everything ~

Need some inspiration?  Check out my post Inspired By Life for a little motivation!

Please follow along as I embark on 365 days of being amazing!

How do you prepare for a quick trip?  Please comment below, I’m dying to know!





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