A Note On Finding Courage

Fear is something I have dealt with my whole life.  I’m not too sure where I learned it from but it has followed me around all of my years.  I admit that it can get the best of me at times.  I’m not sure if it will ever really go away but I have learned to live with it.  I used to give into it and avoid all things outside of my comfort zone.  What I have learned about comfort zones is that you don’t want to stay there too long. Seek adventure even if it takes you out of your norm.  You will learn to face fear time and time again.  I can’t say it gets easier but I can say I have learned to get used to the fact that I will endure some sort of fear in order to get where I want to be.

We should all aspire to keep moving forward even if it causes discomfort.  It is amazing what you discover about yourself when you are put into situations you aren’t familiar with.  In this last year alone I have discovered many things about who I am and who I don’t want to be.  I had huge plans to have a career in the medical field and yet I have found that I really don’t belong there.  I wouldn’t have known that if I didn’t take that direction and go for it.  I could be sitting in a classroom at this very moment studying for a field that I’m not meant for.  What a mess to be in.  More over, I am not in that classroom and I have changed paths to better align with future goals.  I wouldn’t have got here if I didn’t face fears or go out of comfort zones.  The fact is that fear will never go away.  We have to push through it like we push through anything else in life.  You will never know what is waiting out there for you if you don’t go for it.  Aspire to be better, take chances, and don’t be afraid to experiment with all kinds of new.  If the world shuts you down, do get up again.

Five Things To Remember For Facing Fears

  • Imagine what it would be like to have everything go as best as it could.

  • Think of the things you will learn.

  • The people you could meet could be the greatest people you have ever known.

  • You will grow in ways you couldn’t imagine possible.

  • Life is short so why not?

I have met so many beautiful souls in the times I have moved around.  I couldn’t have known them if I didn’t take the leap.  Not only have I learned much about who I am but I have grown to know who I still want to be.  That in itself is an amazing feeling!  If were not promised tomorrow than we should always take advantage of today.

Please follow along as I embark on 365 days of being amazing!

What fears have held you back?  I would love your feedback.  Please comment below!

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