How Authentic Is Your Writing?

Who's Got You Thinking?


How authentic is your writing?  Are you trying to fulfill a deadline or keep up with other bloggers when you write?  Often I come up with ideas for blog post in advance.  I like to think on it for a few days before hand but usually it is something out of the blue that will inspire me to write.  Writers block can be the most daunting thing anyone can experience, believe me I know!  I ran another blog that miserably failed because I sat for way too long trying to come up with something to say.  Successful blogs take work but writing should be done out of inspiration.  If your passionate about it, it is likely your readers will feel your excitement  when they read your content.

Five Tips To Help Your Writing Feel More Authentic

  • Look or listen for things throughout your day that inspire you.  I need to be inspired to write good content.  One moment I will get inspired by a quote and start writing a post that closely relates to that quote and then I notice I’m taking my writing in a whole new direction.  Inspiration can fill your canvas with a world of colors.
  • Look for pictures online to help motivate you. Pictures are a creative window into the world of writing.  Often people will remember what they read if they have a visual image to go with it.
  • The best content is authentic content.  Remember to always be yourself and only touch basis on the things that interest you.  If your not interested, others are likely to not be either.
  • Don’t force content.  Often writers will try to post every day to up their ratings.  Sometimes I post every day and sometimes I post once a week.  It is good to be consistent but it is not good to create content that you wrote just to put something out there.  Care about what your trying to accomplish.
  • Love what your talking about.   I am my best self when I can help others be their better who they are.  I have always loved to hear people out and give advice.  I wanted this to be a travel blog and it might be someday but at this time motivational advice is where my passion resides.

I hope I have inspired you to get out there and find what motivates your to be a better writer.  Please follow along as I embark on 365 days of being AMAZING!

What inspires you to write?  Please share and comment below!




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