A Note On Hygge


A cozy corner and a warm cup of coffee comes to mind when I hear the word hygge. I sit at a desk from 9-5 every week day dreaming about these sorts of things.  “What could I be doing better with my time?”  “Oh, to have a cup of coffee right now” “What the hell am I doing here” “Silence!”  Okay, okay, I’m kind of an introvert or better put “a deep thinker.”  I love people, I find them fascinating however, there is nothing as great as a quiet place where I can bundle up and sip on a cup of coffee or even tea.  I believe we find our best self when we are alone.  I get my greatest ideas when no one is around.  We live in a world of information overload.  Don’t get me wrong I like that we have answers at our fingertips but sometimes I think silence wins.  How else have we created so many great things?  We need to enjoy life’s pleasures and that is why I love this word so much not to mention it sounds cool and kick back.

As I like to say “The only way to form a habit is by coming up with a brilliant idea and doing it over and over and over again.”

Here’s some tips for adding some hygge in your life:

• Find blankets with warm or soft color palettes.

Here are some of my favorites!  Fall colors like burnt orange, brown, and red or soft fresh feeling colors like white, aqua, and coral.

• Be selective when picking a coffee cup.  I like big clay cups with a round shape and a soft color.

• Have a small selection of magazines or books handy.  Read one book a month!  I like books that teach you something you didn’t know.  Never stop learning!

• Add plants around your bedroom.  Plants make your home feel fresh and lively.  I love succulents!

• String lights around the house or outdoors for open fires.  Natural light is the best during the day.  Stringed lights in the evening feel like Christmas and who doesn’t love Christmas?

What are some things you have tried to hygge out?  Please comment and share your ideas below.

Please follow along as I embark on 365 days of AMAZING!

 “Were all writers, teachers, and creators of something.”

9 thoughts on “A Note On Hygge”

  1. I love this. I just bought my first succulent that I intend to let live! I always over watered the others 🙄. I love how cosy and cute your blog is! Xx

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